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Alex Bell Immigration Law in Newcastle serves clients throughout the North East and we are a proud (OISC) immigration advisory company who can prepare you for private immigration and asylum applications and appeals.
Our goal is simple, to provide frank, honest advice and give our clients the best outcomes possible.
Are you seeking asylum in the UK?
The UK is globally recognised for providing a safe haven for people looking for asylum. The process, however, can often seem very daunting and complicated. Alex Bell Immigration Law in Newcastle can assist you in your claim or if you need help in citizenship and deportation issues.
How does UK asylum law work?
Asylum law can be extremely complicated and tricky to navigate. The Home Office in The UK decides on whether somebody is worthy of protection or if their human rights are at risk under the 1951 Refugee Convention.
If you understand what protection and rights are available, you can explain your situation to the Home Office far more effectively.
So, when you're looking to prepare your application for asylum, an immigration advice service in Newcastle like us is a must.
Governed by International Agreements with a high level of discretion, our team can help take you through the process and can help you claim asylum in the United Kingdom. If you need us, we'd happily meet for a discussion about how things would work.

What We Do

Are you searching for immigration legal advisors in Newcastle and the North East? Do you need some expert advice and assistance with claims for asylum in the UK?
Alex Bell Immigration Law is an OISC immigration advice company in Newcastle and helps clients prepare for immigration and asylum applications.
We're ready and able to provide a wide range of immigration advice and services including claims for asylum, citizenship, appeals and removal or deportation from the UK.

We also specialise in all of the following areas of immigration law...

- An immigration employment document
- Unlawful entry into the UK
- Nationality and citizenship under the law of the UK
- Citizenship of the EU
- Admission to member states under community law Residence in a member state in accordance with rights conferred by or under community law
- Removal or deportation from the UK
- An application for bail under the immigration act or under the special immigration appeals commission act .1997
- An appeal against or an application for judicial review in relation to any decision taken in connection with a matter referred to as above

At Alex Bell Immigration Law, our values are at the core of everything we do. Our specialist legal advisers in Newcastle have years of experience and know how in all of the key areas of immigration law and we have a special commitment to asylum and immigration work.

Our aim is to provide affordable, expert representation and immigration advice to our clients and we are recognised as a champion of quality and justice.

We focus on the needs of the people we represent and believe everyone we work for should be provided with practical assistance and legal advice.

When it comes to immigration law, our legal advisers are highly experienced and skilled in a range of citizenship, asylum, and immigration matters. Above all, Alex Bell Immigration Law is determined to give our clients affordable access to support and immigration advice in Newcastle and throughout the North East. If you need our help, we're ready to take your call.

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